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Krash Tech Support & Resources

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'22-'23 PFI Skis

'21 1200cc carb Skis

All 997cc (2020 and older)

Tech Support
If you buy a ski from us we will provide tech suport until we reach the extent of our knowledge then Krash will need to take over. If you buy parts from us we provide tech support for those items as well.  We do not give out research info or part numbers. All other support will need to be from your own dealer/supplier or Krash direct at
The information on the the tech pages here and our 100+ videos on you tube are all free but phone support will cost you $3 a minute. Each issue will usually take 5-10 min so order time accordingly. We will refund unused time.


General info:
General Owners Guide
Krash Industries Warranty Document
Krash Warranty claim form
Main troubleshooting guides

No Spark? See these videos:
Start stop switch and aftermarket bars
Start stop switch test
Microsquirt ECU plug

Do not use a Kawasaki or other aftermarket lanyards unless the clip is as thick as the stock one or it will not spark.
Approved Lanyards here

Krash Bulletin on dielectric grease in Microsquirt ECU connectors
Krash Bulletin on dielectric grease in all other connectors

Torque Settings pdf

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