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Tech Support

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A lot of free tech support can be found right here on this web site and on our JS Powersports You Tube channel primarily for Krash jet skis. Start here: Polaris IQR AxysR or here Krash Industries
The remainder or our tech support including countless hours of research & development, notes, pictures and reserved videos are available to our paid customers but only for the products purchased from us. So if you need additional support please contact us with your invoice #. If your bought from somewhere else you will need to contact them for tech support or we can block off some time for you at $3 a minute. Each issue will usually take 5-10 min so order time accordingly. We will refund unused time.


When contacting us please have your invoice number(s) ready and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you fill out the form below with all your vehicle info it will be even more helpful.

We would love a chance to earn your business. We have a ton of information on setting up powersports vehicles and can offer you a custom set up for you, your riding style and area but we will not be giving out any technical information until you're a paying customer. This eliminates the constant calls asking for free tech support from non-customers. When your ready to make your purchase and have a credit card available please give us a call and we will get you all set up.

We will not give out any part numbers, research, reference or trade information so please don't ask.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Also, we can usually assist current customers with general trouble shooting but first we need an email with all the exact vehicle info. Please document your vehicle specs and settings and email them to us each time.
Here is what we normally need:

+ First and Last Name 
+ Phone number
+ Invoice number(s)
+ Vehicle Year, Make, Model and sub model 
+ What are you using the vehicle for ex: sno-x or trail riding)
+ Normal riding temps
+ Altitude range
+ Your Location(s)
+ Carburetor jetting or settings
+ Main jets
+ Pilot jets
+ Pilot air jets
+ Starter jets
+ Needle jet clip position
+ Fuel octane
+ Timing switch setting (if applicable)
For sleds additionally:
+ Primary clutch weights
+ Primary clutch spring rate  
+ Which Secondary clutch 
+ Secondary clutch spring rate
+ Helix ramp angle (currently in use)
+ Gearing
+ Track length, lug height,
+ Studded?
+ Any other mods like oil injection, rear cooler, aftermarket exhaust , etc.
Then, What is the problem you are having?

Tech support options:

E-mail: This is the best option. We do our best to answer questions as soon a possible.

Phone: 319-365-9666 (please allow the line to ring several times) - if you cant get through or your told the techs are not available please leave a message or email us. We are super busy all the time.

Tech calls are normally taken from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm central time or until Tech Support leaves to our service facility each day which could be earlier or later than 5pm. If Tech Support is not available generally someone in sales will pick up the call and do their best to answer any questions and forward your information to tech support.
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