Snowmobile Balaclavas / Face Masks
These are our two favorite balaclavas and why:
The Fly Ignitor on colder days because it has windstopper material around the face and
the standard Klim for warmer days or mountain riding because of the breathability throughout.

Klim Balaclava $29.95


The Klim Balaclava is our favorite face mask to use for average to warmer days. The top half is a breathable wick away material and the lower half is a thicker material with wind stopper technology. This makes for a perfect combination.
fly-balaclava-ignitor-black-charcoal_small fly-balaclava-ignitor_small
Fly Ignitor Balaclava $31.95 - $36.95

The Fly Ignitor Balclava is our pick for colder weather riding.  The opening of the face is surrounded by wind stopper material, as well as the entire lower half of the mask.  The top of the mask uses moisture wicking breathable technology to keep you comfortable all day and night.

Available in 3 sizes, from Youth to Large/X Large.  **Please Note We have found that the L/XL size is still somewhat loose on an Extra Large helmet sized head.  If you wear a helmet size of XL or smaller, you may be more comfortable in the S/M sized Fly Balaclava.
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