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New Rox Elite pivot riser

Patented design pivoting risers are incredibly universal with a two-piece design that allows them to be clamped to any machine with 7/8 handlebar clamps
Allow you to clamp a stock 7/8 diameter handlebar, or you can remove the 7/8 reducers and clamp a 1-1/8 aluminum handlebar; reducers lock into risers to ensure no slippage between components, and serrated teeth provide maximum gripping power on the handlebar
Risers are held by the original clamps and re-clamp the handlebars 2, 3 1/2", or 5" higher (depending on size purchased) with pivoting fore and aft adjustment
Rox out-board positioning also makes them incredibly durable
Available in natural aluminum or black finish
NOTE: Longer cables may be required when installing handlebar risers. These are not meant to work with pivot style steering posts.
Rox 2" Black Kit  $99.95
Rox 3.5" Black Kit  $112.95
Rox 5" Black Kit  $124.95
Rox 2" Natural Kit  $99.95
Rox 3.5" Natural Kit  $108.95
Rox 5" Natural Kit  $119.95


Rox sno-x race bars   $79.95
7/8" chromoly bars with 45 degree turn downs that are also turned forward for a more natural feeling 30" wide and 12 degreess of sweep.
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