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2021 Krash Foot Rocket 1200cc Improvements/Changes

They are coming in a much smaller crate and will take about 1 to 2 hours to uncrate and completely put together.  The handle pole, some handle pole parts and rear nozzels will need assembeled.
Crate dimensions 83"L x 34"W x 25"H and weight around 350lbs


New Start/Stop button.  New power button. We're not quite sure about the power button yet and if you pull the lanyard while it is running you have to cycle the power button again to get the jet ski to start. This is some kind of safety feature that they built into the new electronics. We're not very excited about it.

New Staror and pickup plugs


New ECU and Cable Pully Trim System. The new trim system works great and is way easier to pull than the previous system.

New inspected by tag

New inside and outside HIN tags

New 1200cc Engine, Feels stronger but they also went from an 11/17 imeller to a 12/18
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If you have any trouble tuning your 21, Most dont,
The carb kidney plate gaskets may need trimmed
see video here:

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