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2021+ Fuel Injected 600R's for trail conversion??? When we first started converting IQR's it was mostly because the Pro X chassis would not hold up to the abuse we were putting it through and we all needed a stronger chassis. It takes a lot of time and money to convert a IQR/600R properly, $3k +.. Now that Polaris brought back the XCR and the chassis is plenty strong there is really no need to put the same time and money into the new 600R when you can simply go buy the XCR that is already "trail converted" for you. For those that still want to do it anyways we have clutch kits, gearing, bogie wheel kits, softer suspension springs, trail tanks are available now, and a few more accessories. We will only be supplying tech support for the products we sell like normal. We will not be discussing any other areas of the sled. There will still be other issues, read on.

From the Polaris race dept.: "These were not meant for trail use and the engines will not hold up in that application"

From Trail Tank on the bigger tanks being made, "We still don't have all the parts we need around the tank to begin development. Polaris had fuel delivery issues with the small tank that will be worse with a big tank. So it's gonna be awhile. "   UPDATE tanks are available now HERE

Our other findings: Mapping will need to be redone to run 92 octane fuel at the very least. There is also a possibility a different head may need to be used to lower compression or have yours modified and the cylinder port timing may still be a problem. Oil injection on this bottom end will require an electronic pump that is run by the CDI if that is even possible. Bottom line, its going to be a lot of work with a few uncertainties and probably still wind up costing more than a new XCR with ongoing headaches. We will have to see how things play out as to how involved we all get on this but for now we will not be providing any tech support for the issues mentioned above. Sorry but we are short staffed, already too busy and it will take up too much of our time.
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