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Snowmobile, ATV and Motorcycle Handlebar Accessories

Powermadd Sentinel Handguards
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PowerMadd Star series handguards with snap
out vent covers $34.95

PM14200 Silver / Black
PM14201 Ski Doo Yellow / Black
PM14202 Red / Black
PM14203 Green / Black
PM14204 Blue / Black
PM14205 Orange / Black
PM14206 Suzuki / Polaris Yellow / Black
PM14207 Honda Red / Black
PM14208 White / Black
PM14210 Black / Black
PM14230 Black / Silver
PM14231 Blue / Silver
PM14232 Red / Silver
PM14221 Blue / White
PM14222 Red / White
PM14220 Pink / White-NLA

Mounting kits sold separately below

ATV/Motorcycle mounting instructions (PDF)

Snowmobile mounting instructions (PDF)

Standard Colors

PowerMadd Star Series Handguard Mounts $29.95

Powermadd Handguard Wrap Brackets $44.95


Powermadd Handguard Extensions $9.95
note: limited colors


*NEW* Powermadd/Rox Handguard
Flare $39.95

for Star series handguards

*NEW* Powermadd Handguard
Race Flare $39.95

for Star series handguards


Holeshot/Sportech snowmobile handguards (speed guards)

Holeshot/Sportech Handguards in standard colors.
Comes with aluminum adjustable mounting brackets.
May say Sportech or Holeshot on label 

Red Chrome

Carbon Fiber


Diamond Plate

Holeshot/Sportech Handguards in Chrome colors,
carbon fiber and diamond plate. Comes with
aluminum adjustable mounting brackets
May say Sportech or Holshot on label


Snowmobile Handlebar Hooks

Sportech/Holeshot Handlebar Hooks $27.95ea
Style Color

Polaris hand guards and mounts are here