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Polaris IQR/600R/AxysR Trail Conversion NOTES

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Please take a few minutes to read through all of these notes.
We have countless hours in research and development to bring all of this information to you. All we ask in return is that you make your purchases with us so we can continue to expand this site.
 If you still have questions that we have not answered on these pages then please click on the link for tech support and fill out all of the information.
When you're ready to make a purchase give us a call and we can get you set up with everything you need
and back it up with our tech support. You can also click on a link and purchase right off the web site.

The list below are notes, settings, specifications, adjustments, and modifications we use when trail converting the '08-current Polaris 600 sno-x race sleds. You will need a larger gas tank, 2 pan head mounting screws for the older models, a jetting kit, an oil injection kit (if you want it to last), a rear supplemental heat exchanger, a different secondary spring, extra bogie wheels, revalve the shocks, and new springs for most. We also recommend a new spring and weights for your primary clutch if you want faster shift out and to change the engagement rpm. We provide all of these products and services. If this seems like too much work you may be better off just buying a trail sled.  Most recommendations on this page were based at an elevation of 0-2000ft except where noted differently.

JETTING INFO:   Before you start, pull your needle and seats out of the carbs and check in the fuel inlet to insure there are not any plastic shavings from the installation of the plastic fuel fittings on the rack carbs.
Jetting, Jets will need to be changed. Jetting kits are availabe on this page: fuel-intake
Top RPM should be about 8500 but not all tachs read accurate so if it runs good at 8300 dont worry about chasing down the last couple hundred rpm.
High altitude jetting, 8-10,000ft, Jetting kits are availabe on this page: fuel-intake
All Sleds, special note: Check your carb adaptors on all 440 and 600 engines. Many have separated between the rubber and metal and will leak air causing a lean condition resulting in a blown engine. Replace defectives with the newest upgraded ones here.

DRIVETRAIN AND GEARING:   Gearing Chart 1    Gearing Chart 2   
I think the gearing charts read about 10% high on mph.
Stock 600RR gearing is hyvo 22:39 and will run about 90mph in great flat, low snow conditions according to the radar. We are running the same gearing and hitting the same speed. The Polaris book says it should run 98 +/- a little at 8300rpm but I think the book is always about 10% high. We have many differnt gearing set ups baised on your use of the sled. Call to purchase a custom set up. Many times we can do this without you having to purchase a different chain.
Primary Clutch 10-58 to 10-62 weights for most, (10-60 Belly Busters are our current favorite)
We have several different weights and springs we sell to meet your needs. Call to purchase a custom set up.
Driven Clutch  We recommend 2 Delrin washers to minimize friction placed together between the clutch sheave and the thrust washer, aka spring cup.
TSS98 Team secondary clutch, TSS44 Team secondary clutch & TIED
We have several different springs and helixes we sell to meet your needs.
High altitude settings We can get you everything you need once we get some altitude and sled info from you.
Polaris stock snocross skis work great. Skis area available here. They have a full length carbide and are easy to find/replace at any local shop along the trail. 6" to 8" carbides work great for most people with studded tracks. We have a new Kimpex package ski/mount/carbide package all available for about $270-290 in most colors. Contact us to find out more.
We add 2-6 wheels to the suspensions to eliminate hifax wear and to protect the front track shock. We recommend at least 2.
Track: We fully clip all our tracks or buy them that way and always use tall nuts on the studs with double backer plates for more stability. Our #1 favorite trail track is the 1.5" Camoplast Intense. Our 2nd choice is the 1.352" Cobra. 600RR owners will benefit greatly by changing to one of these tracks available here: tracks-traction
Add oil injection if you want it to last. It's not just for convenience. We have seen way to many chewed up cranks without it. 
Oil Injection
Turn the timing box to G if you can only get 91-92 octane and leave it there. We highly recommend adding a Trail Tech Voyager Computer with GPS for temp, tach, speed etc.
We recommend the stock exhaust pipe for most with a Skinz silencer.  Available on our exhaust page.
Skinz knee pads. These aren't just a wimpy pad. They are a thick neoprene and work great.
Our large clutch cover bag.
We also used a Polaris handlebar bag for any extras. Skinz also just made a low profile tank/map bag.
Under hood bag
Polaris hand guards and mounts
Handlebar risers
RSI large handle bar pad
Cargo net for rear of tunnel

We have a lot more products and information available for our customers. Contact us with your needs.

All the parts listed above are available from us starting HERE and backed up by our tech support
We stock some and can get all OEM Polaris parts too.
We can sell, service and install anything you need for your sled however we will not give out any part numbers, research, reference or trade information so please don't ask.

2021 600R Trail Conversion statement


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JS Powersports would like to thank the following for sharing their time, dedication and tech notes:
The entire Polaris race department, Tom Whitstine aka AkIQPilot on HCS, Ean Kuhlmey aka Anger890 on HCS and Craig Horak aka autolodge on HCS.



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