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Icon Airframe Pro Helmets

NEW! Airframe Pro - Angle For Attack Features:

-More compact shape
-Expertly angled to maintain visibility and stability
-Higher rear neckline to decrease jacket or suit interference
-Composed of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, or FRP
-Lighter weight
-Uses 5 piece liner for more custom fit instead of traditional 3 piece

ICON Airframe Pro Carbon Gold

Carbon Gold

Go shiny or go home. The Airframe Pro™ Carbon is the ultimate in helmet bling. The best in modern technology, ICON's hand-laid 4Tress™ carbon weave, is paired with an RST TracShield™, vents, and spoiler, resulting in an incredibly light, unbelievably durable, and undeniably flashy helmet. Internally, the shell is outfitted with a removable/washable moisture-wicking HydraDry™ interior, which keeps you comfortable for short and long rides alike. Enjoy precision manufacturing at its finest with the Airframe Pro™.
Meets DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards. Does not ship with PSC certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country.
Includes Clear Fog-Free Icon Optics™ shield and RST Gold Pro Icon Tracshield™.
Five-Piece Modular Liner With Moisture-Wicking Hydradry™ Liner.
Handmade composite shell, hand-applied design, and precision manufacturing techniques.


ICON Airframe Pro Harbinger


Designed for maneuvering engagements and adorned with extravagant insignia, the Airframe Pro Warbird is built to support your redlined encounters. May the bogeys forever be on your tail and pretty ladies be in your bed.
Meets DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards. Does not ship with PSC certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country.
Fog-Free Icon Optics shield with Rapid-Release system and ProLock positive shield locking system. Also fits Icon Tracshield with tear-off posts.
Five-Piece Modular Liner With Moisture-Wicking Hydradry Liner.
Handmade composite shell, hand-applied design, and precision manufacturing techniques.



ICON Airframe Pro
Fastfood & LuckyLid3 $400-$410

Fastfood & LuckyLid3

Hey Bob, flip this! When you belly up to this table, you know you gotta get the works. The Airframe Pro™ Fast Food is a double-deuce all-beef psychoburger, sans fries, on a sesame bun that begs for a load of special sauce. We hope you brought your appetite because we're serving up some autoerotic mastication. Check, please!

A-B-G: Always be gamblin’, because if you ain’t gamblin’, you ain’t livin’. Close calls and closer cars—in the Airframe Pro Lucky Lid 3, going for broke never looked so good. The third episode in a hot run of lids, this time we drew the dead man’s hand, only to laugh and up the ante. The AFP is built using the “Angle of Attack” orientation for an aggressive sport bike riding posture. So read ‘em and weep, because when you play with ICON, you go all in.

Pro Barong Pro Barong
ICON Airframe Pro Pro Barong $420

Pro Barong

All things exist as both inseparable and contradictory in the cosmic 69. The winding road in front of you symbolizes Rangda, the unforgiving demon queen determined to take your ghost. Balance her wickedness with the Airframe Pro BARONG. The duality of you and the road brings oneness when combined, so mount up and repeat the greatest mantra of them all: braaap.ť

Icon Quicksilver Icon Quicksilver
ICON Airframe Pro Quicksilver $400


The unique paint on our QUICKSILVER AIRFRAME PRO is a labor of love. Hand-applied in multiple coats and then painstakingly burnished, antiqued, and polished. Each helmet™s finish is as unique as the rider who wears it. Be quick, be silver, be gold¦err, silver.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-ghost-carbon_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-ghost-carbon-back_small
ICON Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon $600


The Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon goes without graphics, logos, or gimmicks and lets its design speak for itself. The dramatically reduced shell profile, track-recognized ECE certification, and precision assembly techniques can all be seen in their purest form. The AFP is built using our unique Angle of Attackť orientation - eyeport, vents, neckroll, and aerodynamics all optimized for an aggressive sportbike riding posture.

ICON Airframe Pro Construct $395


Everyone claims to make a premier helmet, but only ICON lays their shells bare to prove it. The Airframe Pro Construct showcases its hand-laid composite shell for the whole world to see. All the better to see the precision-designed Airframe Pro Construct silhouette.

ICON Airframe Pro
Beastie Bunny Pink $390

Beastie Bunny Pink

Bounding over fields of joy and stuffed with sullied dreams of youth, the Airframe Pro™ Beastie Bunny is the mascot of ICON holidays. From its oversized incisors to the sharpest of canines, the toothy grin and stitched fur evoke a joyous sugar-fueled celebration. Built on a lightweight fiberglass FRP shell, the Beastie Bunny includes both a Fog-Free Clear and RST Purple Optics™ shield and a customizable 5-piece Hydradry™ comfort liner.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-solid-white_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-solid-black_small
ICON Airframe Pro Solid $375


Purity at its finest, the Airframe Pro Solids speak for themselves. Only the finely-engineered shape of the Airframe Pro is on display - its Angle of Attackť orientation purpose-built for aggressive riding positions. So fresh, so clean, the Airframe Pro Solid is simply stunning.

Icon Optics Shield Clear
Clear $40
Icon Optics Shield Light Smoke
Light Smoke $40
Icon Optics Shield Dark Smoke
Dark Smoke $40
Icon Optics Shield RST Silver
RST Silver $45
Icon Optics Shield RST Gold
RST Dark Gold $5
Icon Optics Shield RST Blue
RST Blue $45
Icon Optics Shield RST Green
RST Green $45
Icon Optics Shield Chameleon
Chameleon $60
Icon Optics Shield Yellow
Yellow $40
Icon Optics Shield Purple
RST Purple $45
Icon Optics Shield Red
RST Red $45

Icon Helmet Optic Shields $40 - $60


Icon Optics Shield

The Icon Optics shield (IC-04) is fitted with a helmet shield lock to keep your shield securely closed. Sideplates (sold separately) mount to each side of the Icon Optics shield for a more custom, finished look. The Icon Optics shield is designed to fit the Airmada helmet.

Fits: Airmada & Airframe Pro
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